We think, design and build delightful products for real users

Who we are

We are a small passionate team of multidisciplinary digital superheroes with a user-centric approach. We work directly with clients as well as partner with larger agencies delivering work as part of a blended team.

From digital services and campaigns to mobile apps and engaging video - we have you covered with our solid team of experts.

What we do

We are a design, development, strategy and consulting agency. From inception to delivery, we work in an agile way, sharing knowledge and transferring skills as we go.

  • Research

    Helping you better understand your users and performance. We can carry out quantitative and qualitative research, expert reviews, content audits, and usability tests.
  • Strategy

    Helping you to focus on your users, their needs, your business goals and the ROI. We create user types, personas, user needs; mapping them to your business goals.
  • Creative

    Bringing it to life for your users. We map user journeys, develop information architecture, curate, create and edit content, design user flows and design beautiful accessible interfaces that reflect your brand identity and voice.
  • Technology

    Helping you to make the correct choices in an evolving environment. We provide technical architecture, technology reviews and recommendations and responsive web and app development. We have experience in many PaaS and SaaS products from out of the box implementations to custom builds and configurations.

Why choose us

We are agile and move quickly, hitting the ground running with an expert team that can help get you through the most challenging of projects. We know how to realise business goals with our user centric approach and technology expertise.

We typically work to the GDS service manual's approach to agile project delivery:

  • Discovery

    A short collaborative phase where we will research the needs of your service users, understand your business goals, identify success criteria and explore technology.
  • Alpha

    A short phase in which we prototype solutions for your users needs. We will be testing with a small group of users or stakeholders, and getting early feedback about the design of the service.
  • Beta

    We develop against the demands of a live environment, understanding how to build and scale while meeting user needs. We will also be publicly releasing and testing a version.
  • Live

    The work doesn't stop once the service is live. Working with you we will be iteratively improving your service, reacting to new needs and demands and measuring against targets set during earlier phases.

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Gulp Digital can help your project blossom into something special that realises your business goals and delights your users, meeting their needs, expectations and then some.

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